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From Deadline, 7 Days in Hell:
Adding to their rivalry is Gillan’s supermodel Lily, Charles’(Kit Harington) childhood friend who made a sex tape with Aaron (Andy Samberg). Mary Steenburguen plays Charles’ psychotic and controlling mother, while Forte plays a tennis historian. Jake Szymanski,( Saturday Night Live) is directing

OK, I can’t wait… :))

The one-off HBO Comedy Event is described as a sports mockumentary starring Samberg and Game of Thrones breakout Kit Harington as fierce tennis rivals in an epic, seven-day match at Wimbledon. Samberg will play Aaron Williams, a superstar tennis “bad boy,” while Harington is set as Charles Lloyd Poole, an Andy Murray-type prodigy and certified truck driver who takes on Williams at Wimbledon 2004.
So that’s the mystery project Kit was filming a few weeks ago. (x)
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