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"For me Roland is an ultraconfident, charming, mysterious schoolboy. He challenges Vera. The Roland we see in the film is a reflection of Vera’s image of him. There’s no real way of knowing who Roland actually was. We only know him from his poetry. He was more romantic than poets of the same generation. His poems are beautiful and simple and touch on the war ina soft[…] His poetry explores the idea of war and heroism.The poem read at the end of the film is particularly moving. Roland is saying to Vera:

"I want you to live on after I die" He tells her to meet someone else if he dies. Kit Harington on Roland Leighton, Testament Of Youth

Vikander is brilliantly supported by Harington, who has become rather stereotyped for his brooding role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, but in this role, he delivers something completely different. He refreshingly conveys a range of emotions and has the ability to the pull the audience in and make his love affair with Vera enticingly realistic. Film and TV Now, Testament of Youth Review.
(Kit, proud of you, I can’t wait for this movie! :))
I have a line in the film, “I’d like to see Vera again, Mrs. Brittain, fully chaperoned of course”. You’d never hear that now. The film shows a lot about how women were repressed at this time and what their role was during the war. The importance of showing the chaperone scene is that it highlights the restrictions placed on Vera and how all that was about to change.
Kit Harington on the position of women in the WWI era (x)

He’s The best!! From @Liv_jessica :)

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