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I met Kit Harington last night!! He was so friendly, approachable and humble. As my friend took our picture he rubbed my back (!!!) and pulled me closer to him for the photo! We look pretty cozy if I do say so myself! I thanked him for the picture and said I was fan of him and the show, and he said “thank you, nice to meet you guys!” Ahhh. I’m still on cloud 9 from it. My friend Bella fenriir and I have always wondered what we would do if we ever saw this gorgeous man in person, and as soon as he walked away we jumped up and down and hugged! My favorite man from my favorite show! If you follow me here (and know me in person) you know what a huge fan I am! I just look very calm and collected here. I was ecstatic! What an awesome encounter!!

Oh My God! Amazing pic! Congrats, Kit is Awesome! OLE! :)))

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